Why Businesses Prefer Indraaj As Their
Accounting Software


Powered by Microsoft Azure platform you get top quality information security, and complete preservation of the privacy of your data.


Seamlessly access your books anytime, anywhere at any device, we provide exceptional customer service around the clock.


Next-generation IT tool powering your business with cutting-edge tech, intuitive design, and AI excellence in advanced business analytics.

Best Practices

Ensure your business success with up-to-date accounting standards, Worldwide reporting formats, and Powerful security features.

Easy to Use

Making finances simple for all business types, Tailored for professionals and entrepreneurs without accounting experience.

Advance Analytics

Our AI-powered analytics increase your business's visibility. View your business trends and forecasts utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Concise Feature Overview

Streamlined Inventory

Maintain a comprehensive record of your products and assets, continuously monitor your inventory levels, establish restocking objectives, and replenish as necessary to ensure smooth operations.

  • Real-time awareness of inventory levels.
  • Reorder points for timely restocking.
  • Inventory with SKU, cost, and stock data.
  • Efficiently manage stock replenishment processes.
  • Minimize stockouts through proactive monitoring.
Embarking on Crafting

If you need a tailored solution for your organization, we're here to help.

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What our custommers are saying

Hear from our users who have saved thousands on their Startup and SaaS solution spend.

Because Indraaj is so user-friendly, I truly like it. I run a very little side business. Many of the functions aren't used by me, but keeping track of daily revenue and expenses is fantastic. I also don't have a lot of free time, so using the simple features to check in once a week is great. The customer service has also been excellent.

29 November 2022

I've had a fantastic overall experience with Indraaj! In addition to having an accounting platform that is far better suited to our needs and has more functionality than our prior platform, my company has saved money. I appreciate that Indraaj can handle trust accounting operations accurately and simply because I'm a lawyer.

29 November 2022

According to Mr Naveed, one of the most crucial things for a small, expanding SME is paying and managing overhead costs. His clients appreciate the automatic updates within Indraaj that they receive for the invoices, payment alerts, and confirmations that he receives.

29 November 2022

The creation of monthly management accounts is now a lot simpler and quicker thanks to Indraaj, a fantastic and user-friendly management accounting software package. The system is incredibly adaptable and can be customised to match the unique requirements of our company.

29 November 2022

Frequently asked questions

Indraaj is a versatile cloud accounting solution that supports both the English and Urdu languages. Users have the flexibility to switch between these languages according to their preferences. Furthermore, with Indraaj, you have the capability to store the names of products, services, and Chart of Accounts (COA) in both languages simultaneously.
Indraaj is an online web-based accounting software that can be accessed from any location at any time. It does not use any hard drive space on your laptop or other devices. Instead, all your information is stored on our reliable and secure servers in the cloud. You can access Indraaj without the need for installation, and there won't be any downtime because updates happen automatically on our end, enhancing the user experience
Indraaj offers various packages, each with optional add-ons. Your subscription's services depend on the package you've chosen and any additional extras. To see the services included in your subscription, visit our packages screen. You can also ask a member of our support team for guidance when selecting your subscription to ensure confidence and peace of mind.
We at Indraaj are aware that organizations are constantly evolving. Due to this, we would gladly consider any requests to modify or adjust your subscription plan. Making these modifications is simple and quick; just get in touch with our team, let us know the optional extras you want, and the rest will be taken care of.
Even though we would be disappointed by your decision to quit, we do our business completely honest and have no secret T&Cs. As a result, we require written confirmation of your purpose to cancel your subscription via email in order to do so at Indraaj. Future subscriptions for your account will be terminated after receiving your confirmation, but you will still have access to Indraaj through the end of your current billing cycle.
At Indraaj, we place the utmost importance on security and dependability. Since the beginning, we have constantly upheld the highest level, gold-standard security standards and measures that are strong in their defense against hostilities. To ensure that there is absolutely no danger of any data being compromised, we regularly evaluate our server security and data protection methods. We take pride in maintaining our track record of never having had a security or dependability issue.
We at Indraaj maintain a high level of flexibility, as a result we are pleased to be able to offer several different payment methods, with our clients being free to use whichever method convenient for them. The list of payment methods we accept: Cash Credit Card Bank Transfer Cheque
We have a team of exceptional support staff available 24/7 to address your quries. We provide support in all areas of our accounting software to ensure that you have the best experience and make the most out of your subscription to Indraaj.
You can create 5,000 invoices in the Basic plan, 10,000 invoices in the Standard plan, 15,000 in Profesional plan and 25,000 invoices in the Premium plan in a year in indraaj.If your business needs to generate more invoices, please reach out to us at info@indraaj.com
You can create 5,000 bills/expenses in the Basic plan, 10,000 bills/expenses in the Standard plan, 15,000 in Professional plan, and 25,000 bills/expenses in the Premium plan in a year in Indraaj. If your business needs to generate more expenses, please reach out to us at info@indraaj.com.
Indraaj offers 4 separate packages with the option to add-on extra features as per your need. Each of these packages has a certain number of users that can be created to access your account, this number includes the admin user itself. users are added as per your selected package. To accommodate more users, you have the option to either complete a contact form or reach out to us via phone at your convenience