Trust & Data Security


Superior Protection

Amazon-Aws-Data-SecurityModern electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control technologies are used at AWS's top-tier, extremely secure data centres. Data centres have skilled security personnel on duty around-the-clock, and access is rigorously granted on a least-privileged basis. You can also maintain your resilience in the face of the majority of failure types, such as natural disasters or system failures, by utilising several geographic regions and availability zones.

Security Options

Systems that monitor network and security activity are in place to protect data. These systems offer crucial security safeguards like distributed denial of service (DDoS) defence and brute-force password detection. Additional security precautions consist of:

Secure access

Customer data is transferred over a 256-bit encrypted HTTPS connection, which is extremely secure. The premier organisation COMODO offers SSL security certificates. The green lock icon that shows in the address bar when you log into your Indraaj account can be clicked to confirm this.

Built-in firewalls

Firewalls are set up and maintained by security experts to protect data from hackers. Multi-level privileges, operating system (OS) lockdowns, centralised authentication, and device modification logs are additional network security features.

Encrypted data storage

256-bit encryption keys are used in the Advanced Encryption method (AES) 256, a secure symmetric-key encryption method, to automatically encrypt customer data. The private financial information is not even accessible to Indraaj personnel.

Periodic Backups

In these unsure times, you must ensure that your data is completely backed up in addition to being 100% protected. Every hour, the Indraaj database is backed up, and all backups are kept for two weeks. Indraaj guarantees that your data will never be lost, even in the event of a natural disaster, by maintaining numerous redundant backups of it. You may have faith that your important business data is in good hands. We can certainly state that your data is significantly more secure with Indraaj than most on-premise software installations when compared to laptop theft or standard desktop software viruses.