Guidelines for Guest Blogging

We only accept hand-written, in-depth, original content that is written specifically for the Indraaj blog audience. Content that has been copied in any way won't be approved.

  • We try to be kind but helpful, and we normally steer clear of jargon and buzzwords.
  • All information, quotes, photos, and other content that the author references in the piece must be properly attributed by the author.
  • You cannot submit referral links between postings, and we do not accept them. Within the content, just one branded link is permitted. 
  • The word count requirement for guest posts is 1200 words.

General Terms

Our reviewers will make the final determination regarding the content. If the content doesn't adhere to the rules, they have the right to reject it immediately. The Indraaj blogging team maintains the right to edit and modify your guest blog content as we see fit and to later update it for completeness and accuracy. We forbid you from later reposting your guest article on your personal blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or

One final observation:

We are highly selective about what appears on our site due to the volume of requests we receive. We reject the vast majority of requests that we get. The majority of the items we receive after that do not end up on Indraaj It's crucial that you write your essay with business owners in mind. It must have some unique components. It should also be proofread before sending it to us because we're very busy. We just cannot take our time editing articles for hours. If you accept the aforementioned rules and conditions, kindly provide your information using the form below.